MoneyFlow Vault

MoneyFlow Vault

Our top priority is protecting your personal information.


We use multiple safety measures to make sure your data is secure. All your information is controlled by you – only to be shared when and how you want.

Your MoneyFlow Data Rights

We take your data rights, data integrity, and data security very seriously.

  1. Your data belongs to you.

    We'll never share it without your permission.

  2. You have free access to your data.

    Basic Moneyflow functions, like access to your personal data, are provided for free.

  3. You can delete your data anytime.

    We believe we offer a uniquely useful way to look at your financial health.  But if you no longer want us to store and consolidate your data for you, we will delete it from our system. Thoroughly and completely.

Your data is safe with MoneyFlow!